October 2020

A quick one while the world is waiting for the US elections!

When I was in Seoul I noticed you could buy bars of gold from stock brokers. In the brokers office, under glass was hallmarked Korean gold. Coins, bars, ingots you name it. You know, when someone buys gold from a fancy office that buyer pays more for the gold. Might as well buy it from a petrol station.
Bulk-buy retailer Costco starts selling GOLD worth up to £24,500 in its supermarkets - but shoppers are warned to be wary because of violent price fluctuations.
- Daily Mail

Rough estimate: I have eaten over 250 club sandwiches in my life. I have staunch opinions as to how a club sandwich should be prepared.
How the Club Sandwich Became an Icon of Hotel Room Service - Eater

Now that I am 40 years old so is Mac Culkin. Love making them feel old.
‘Home Alone' Star Macaulay Culkin on Life Now, Dating Brenda Song & His Sister's Death . Macaulay Culkin Is Not Like You The 39-year-old—call him 'Mack'—has been liberated longer than you realize. - Esquire

How to protect against the attack of the lion fish?
Fish Fence: Yard Décor Becomes Lionfish Control - Nature.org


- Chad